Pitcairn Island for Kiwis

Pitcairn Island is an almost forgotten tourist attractions for most New Zealanders. Before the age of cheap flights, a stop over at Pitcairn was a memorable experience for people sailing across the Pacific Ocean on their way to England for their O.E. There are many things in this extremely blessed land that are a major source of attraction for New Zealanders and other people as well. Certain attractions that are most popular amongst the New Zealanders are given in this article. If you have a plan to visit this wonderful land then you are sure to get some help and some important information about the Pitcairn Island.

Geographical Aspects

This beautiful Island is a British claimed island territory in the southeastern part of French Polynesia. These are a total of five islands. These five islands include Pitcairn Island, Oeno Island, Ducie Island, Henderson Island and the Sandy Island. Bounty Bay is the only place from where the most permanently occupied Island, Pitcairn, is accessible. The major part of the land is occupied by the Henderson Island which covers approximately 86% of the entire territory. The part of this island which is almost inaccessible contains different animals. The Island also has the capability to support small amount of human population as well. But still it is not quite possible because of the accessibility problem as the outer shores of the island are made up of steep cliffs of the limestone. The island came into existence by the center of an outpouring magma which is also known as the Pitcairn hot spot. There is no chance of human population on the remaining islands as they are very much distant and are almost 100 kilometers away.

Culture of the Island

The Island does not have an isolated culture just like its language the culture is also a mixture of Tahitian and the English influences. The Pitcairn society was shaped most importantly by a successful mission that was named Seventh-day Adventist mission in the year 1890. The trend of the churches has been declined recently as only about eight islanders are found to be worshipping there on regular basis. But still the churches are full of people when there is some special occasion. The observant Adventists observe Sabbath as a day that is just there for the sake of rest and as a symbol of respect as well. The moral codes regarding the prohibition of dancing, smoking, consumption of alcohol and the display of public affection have been discarded and there is relaxation for the people in them. One important thing to mention is that the people of the island along with those that have come here to visit the island don’t need to have a six-month license in order to purchase, import or to consume alcohol. One Café and a Bar have been issued a license by the government authorities. Also the government stores are not prohibited to contain and sell cigarettes and alcohol. Children belonging to the age group of five to fifteen don’t have to pay any kind of fees for their education. It’s absolutely free for their parents. New Zealanders should visit the Pitcairn Islands and explore the hidden beauties of this great gift of nature.